Shubham Gupta

MBA-FT 2015-2017

Marketing the Human

There is a lot of competition in the market for everything. Everywhere you go there is a neck-to-neck battle between everything such as commodities, services etc. It is more like a race that the world has come down to. Right from our birth, we are in a race (well I would say, even before that :P). And one thing that I’ve learned while doing my MBA is that in India, sab naam pe chalta hai (everything works on a good name). If you want to get into a good B-school, your graduation must be from a good place. If you want to get a good job, your B-school must be renowned. If you want to show your face to the relatives, you must work in a well-known company. So to lead a normal life, you need to have good names backing you up. The success mantra for winning the race is to maintain a good name in everyone’s eyes. What people know the best becomes the best.

So what makes you known as the best? Is it only a good background? Is it only a good past performance? No, it is the complete way of marketing a product. Marketing is the vanguard for your product in the market. No matter which category your product lies in, marketing is the mandatory task to do. If you don’t market the product, you might as well assume to be out of the “race”. Amidst all this, we humans have also emerged to be a commodity itself. We also need to sell ourselves in every task we do, to pursue the onlookers. And just like every commodity, even a human needs to market itself.

We just talked about competition; and reaching life to the phase of being an MBA student, I have dearly recognised the need to market myself for staying in this derby. First one needs to market himself for being the preferred kid in the school team. Then he needs to market himself to get into a good graduation college, even in a good post-graduation college. Then the ladder moves to marketing yourself for a job (the phase that I’m currently in). This is followed by marketing yourself to even get a life partner, first in front of her and then her parents. I believe that even heaven’s gates are open to good marketers only. Every turn in a human’s life requires good marketing. Just like a commodity, the human needs to realise its features and specifications which it can use to woo others. The human makes the world recognise its presence. In fact, the buyers are also looking for a commodity only. They will only take the one that suits them needs the most. So if the human is able to market itself proper, its very existence is recognised. Or else he is just like another rock on the road.

Courtesy: Kaizen Committee 

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